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COVID-19 Update from Miller

To Our Miller Mechanical Services Customers,

The Miller shop and field services team is committed to the safety and health of our families, colleagues, customers, surrounding communities  and the many individuals who make up Miller’s national family.

The field services team is currently working on ongoing shut down schedules and future shut down schedules to accommodate your requirements.

We know we are an essential part of the supply chain for ongoing process of pulp and paper manufacturing. As time avails, we will be ready and able to serve your needs and conduct ongoing business on a case by case and state by state basis all while following CDC recommendations on personal hygiene as well as following state and federal guidelines

Our customers’ business continuity is a key priority. We want to minimize service disruptions or impacts to your business. Our goal is to offer the level of quality, responsiveness and support you expect from Miller.

Groups of our teams are currently working remotely, at our physical locations as well as on-site for customer projects. As the situation evolves the Miller team will continue to be available to answer any questions or concerns and meet your needs as effectively and efficiently as possible in the repair and fabrication of machinery as well as our field maintenance services.

We thank you for being a valued business partner.

This is a time of unprecedented uncertainty and we’ll continue to do our best to support you and your business.

We appreciate your cooperation in efforts to keep sites safe and we thank you for everything you are doing to help us respond to COVID-19 challenges.


Elizabeth Miller

President- Miller Mechanical Services, Inc.